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Minimal, sensual and pure.

Thin Leather Belt from the Cut & Mend Collection.
In Stock

Made from Leather.


  • 100% Leather

The leather used in this design is a food industry left-over. No animals were killed specifically for obtaining it.

The above information may not be comprehensive enough for judging allergic reactions. If you are allergic to certain materials, please contact us as at or call us at +44 20 70433478 (9:00 to 15:00 GMT/BST) so we can potentially provide you with additional information.

In Stock

We have Silver in stock. After you place your order, we will send you this belt within the next three business days, unless your order contains other items that are not ready to be shipped (see shipping terms).

This item is made and stocked in Berlin and therefore “next three business days” refers to the German calendar.

We cannot guarantee that the item is in stock by the time we process your order: it is possible that we run out of stock before we receive your order, that the stock is damaged or that we have made an error. If it turns out that the item is not stock, we will contact you and give you a choice of either waiting while we have more produced, or canceling the item. If your order includes other items, it is your choice to cancel those as well.

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