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Social Fabric Earth Return

This book is the travel diary of a handwoven poncho with the keynote of interconnectedness. Over a period of ten years, the poncho was sent out as a textile avatar to meet various artists around the world, always handed over in person. The interactions with the poncho, through photography and correspondence, sketch out the journey and tell a story of togetherness in a world that has changed drastically over those years. The project inspires the questions: What is the most essential element of what you do, and how can it be shared in a significant way.

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Collectively woven tapestries and video exhibited at Bärenzwinger, Berlin

Claudia Hill is a crossdisciplinary, textile-based artist. Her exhibitions and gatherings in which people and textiles come together are presented internationally in the context of visual and performance art. Her commissions include collaborations with choreographers and directors for theatre and film. Drawing on a deeply rooted relationship with textiles that began in the world of fashion, she explores the transformative potential of textile objects. Her research focuses on weaving as a means to connect people. (More)