Installations & Performances

Chakra Sessions

Performances, various locations, 2019 - 2021

Chakra Sessions are performative and playful actions of dressing, caressing, and highlighting the vertically mapped, subtle energetic centers of the human body corresponding to the glandular system—referred to as Chakras. A delicately improvised ritual is carried out by a group of performers in a non-verbal agreement with a volunteer. The volunteer becomes the audience who, with eyes closed, experiences an intimate, immersive performance of touch, sound, temperature, taste, and smell stimulation, and who becomes themselves an object d’art.


Chakra Space at Efremidis during Berlin Art Week performed by Shannon Cooney, Shelley Etkin, Jared Gradinger, and Claudia Hill for guests of the exhibition Social Fabric Earth Return. The traces of activation from the sessions become a part of the installation.


Sharing (or exchange of) research and practices during a co-creative residency curated by Shannon Cooney at the International Artist Residency Farm Studio in Rajasthan, India.

Paris Internationale

Public Chakra Sessions during Paris Internationale upon invitation by The Performance Agency, streamed live at the art fair and on the TV channel Souvenirs from Earth.

Rite of Fall

Community ritual at Claudia Hill’s studio with chants from the Amazon rainforest sung by Asi Rua and Charlotte J Ward, accompanied by Stefan Rusconi with scores for dreams, electronics and a plant.


Public Chakra Sessions during Impulstanz at mumok, museum moderner kunst stiftung ludwig wien as part of Unstable Nights, a collective space of experimentation and sharing.