Experimental short film with international screenings (December 2017)

Kŏn′voi′ is an experimental short film about planetary caretaking. A group of travelers of unknown origin arrive out of nowhere into an open landscape. Over the course of a day, they explore and scan the environment with triangular signaling devices. Their sensual decoding of the need to take care of this planet is conveyed through a choreography of sign language.

ProductionClaudia Hill
PerformersIvan Ekemark
Hana Lee Erdman
Jared Gradinger
Claudia Hill
Maria F. Scaroni
Camera & EditStephane Leonard
Music & SoundStephane Leonard
Additional SoundscapesLukasz Polowczyk
Sound MasteringMartin Silbernagl
Artwork & CostumesClaudia Hill
SupportedMeg Stuart

Thank you Brendan Dougherty, Anna Gaïotti, Wolfgang Georgsdorf, Roberto Martínez, Anna Nowicka, Ana Rocha,

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