Exhibition and public Co-Weaving sessions at Shedhalle, Zurich (2022)

The artists of Zones of Kinship, Love and Playbour meet at the interweaving of life and work, proceeding slowly over a long period of time. Care for the material and interconnectivity is at the center of these artists’ work. During the first two weekends of Protozone7, Claudia Hill’s art work begins with a local team and visitors of the Co-Weaving Sessions. The pair of carpets made within this time frame comprises the fifth element of a series. All weavings follow the same abstract map: a guide to weaving itself with additional help to navigate fundamental questions such as how we want to live and work.

Cover photo of Nº5

Textile, Wool, Cello Cords, Plastic, Tea, Cotton Yarn
75 cm × 190 cm

Cover photo of What's The Matter

What's The Matter
Textile, Plants, Metal, Acrylic Paint, Cotton
Two Panels, 220 cm × 100 cm

Cover photo of Co-Weaving

HD Video, 24fps
18 minutes, 3 seconds

PROTOZONE7 Zones of Kinship, Love and Playbour is curated by Lucie Tuma.

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