Weaving Roots

Tapestry installation and public co-weaving at Bärenzwinger, Berlin (March to June 2022)

Weaving Roots brings together two artists with two distinct practices to explore the garden as a site of community building. Claudia Hill’s 125-year-old tapestry loom transforms the interior of the former bear enclosure into a workshop, while the outside open spaces around the enclosure are transformed into a garden by Jared Gradinger.

Hill considers her carpets to be portable gardens and her loom a social-sculpture used as a means to communicate through its physicality. Following the artist’s guidance, a rug and a hammock are created in a collective process during seven public Co-Weaving Sessions.

Cover photo of Love Is as Love Does

Love Is as Love Does
Textile, Plant Dye, Plastic, Feathers, Rubber, Cotton Yarn
Two Panels, 88 cm × 180 cm

Cover photo of Just Trest

Just Trest
Plants, Acrylic Paint, Cotton Yarn
250 cm × 210 cm

Cover photo of Where the Sea Goes to Rest

Where the Sea Goes to Rest
Textile, Plants, Acrylic Paint, Leather, Cable, Glass, Shell, Cotton
Two Panels, 250 cm × 80 cm

Cover photo of Co-Weaving

HD Video, 24fps
18 minutes, 3 seconds

Weaving Roots is curated by Malte Pieper and Maja Smoszna.

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