The Clearing

Costumes for performances by Jeremy Wade at HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin, Beursschouwburg, Brussels, e.a. (2019)

The Clearing is a science-fiction solo performance by Jeremy Wade as a mirror-image of our present — a hallucinogenic and flamboyant piece dismantling reality and evoking solidarity. Claudia Hill designs the costumes for a series of characters that perform on an apocalypse death ship that include: a garbage-busting android, a tragic sufferer and the scrappy-bird drag-queen Puddles the Pelican who later develops into her own cabaret show.

Concept, Choreography & PerformanceJeremy Wade
MusicMarc Lohr
StageRosa Birkedal
CostumesClaudia Hill
Lighting DesignAndreas Harder
Author & Outside EyeAllison Wiltshire
DramaturgyMaika Knoblich
Artistic Collaboration & AssistanceYoav Admoni
Choreographic Collaboration & CoachingVladimir Miller
Michael Rolnick
Maria F. Scaroni
Video ArtistMaya SB
Artistic AdviceKaterina Kokkinos-Kennedy
Set AssistanceDaniela Zorrozua
Costume AssistanceDiane Esnault
Emilia Patrignani
Press & Productionbjörn & björn

Dance Flags
2 × 135 cm × 130 cm

Flag for Comfort
210 cm × 150 cm

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