Costumes & Scenography


Performance at Ballet Frankfurt 2003. Further performances: BAM, Berliner Festspiele, e.a.

Decreation is an award-winning artificial opera created by William Forsythe for Ballet Frankfurt, inspired by an essay by the Canadian poet Anne Carson. Feelings of tenderness and rage pulse throughout Decreation. Dialogues, characters and physical commands migrate through the dancers. The focal point for Claudia Hill’s costume design for the 17 dancers is the principles of de-creation and nothingness. She transforms, cuts up and collages pre-existing clothing into fragmented forms and uses a variety of techniques to bring out the essence for each piece.

Choreography and Stage DesignWilliam Forsythe
Lighting DesignJan Walter
MusicDavid Morrow
DramaturgyRebecca Groves
Video DesignPhilip Bußmann
Sound DesignBernhard Klein
Niels Lanz
CameraDietrich Krüger
PerformersYoko Ando
Cyril Baldy
Esther Balfe
Dana Caspersen
Amancio Gonzalez
David Kern
Fabrice Mazliah
Roberta Mosca
Tilman O'Donnell
Nicole Peisl
George Reischl
Christopher Roman
Jone San Martin
Parvaneh Scharafali
Yasutake Shimaji
Richard Siegal
Elizabeth Waterhouse
Ander Zabala