JLP 2043

Costumes and scenography for a performance by Lucie Tuma at Gessnerallee, Zurich (November 2018)

JLP 2043 by Lucie Tuma is a solo for Julie Laporte, laid-out to be danced for 25 years. It isn’t about the euphoric intensity of the new, but the still and unexcited joy by gazing at newly discovered aspects of the old. To support this, Claudia Hill’s concept of the costume is based on the idea of circular time. 25 pieces of fabric, one for each year, are arranged in a circle, forming a cocoon from which the rest unfolds. For the set, she develops a 5 m × 10 m backdrop with a waterfall motif.

Stefanie Klemm

Choreography and VocalsLucie Tuma
PerformanceJulie Laporte
MusicLaura Endres
LightingDaniel Goody
CostumesClaudia Hill
Costume AssistanceChrista Frei
Backdrop PaintingDresden University of Fine Arts
ProductionLisa Letnansky
AssistanceCarina Premer

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