Korinna und Jörg

Costumes for a performance by Laurie Young at Sophiensäle, Berlin (2015)

The documentary performance Korinna und Jörg by Laurie Young observes the last 25 years of the Berlin dance scene through the eyes of the couple during the time in which they have seen over 4000 dance performances. Thanks to the intimate privilege of being able to peer into their private archives of notes, interviews and memories, new life is breathed into ephemera of dance performances found in these treasure troves. The concept of the fragment serves as the basis for Claudia Hill’s costume design. Moments of Korinna and Jörg’s sometimes blurred memories are translated into textile fragments, some of which are covered with a layer of paint.

ConceptLaurie Young
In Cooperation WithKorinna Nawrotzky
Jörg Schmieder
Video ProductionAndrea Keiz
DanceDieter Baumann
Joséphine Evrard
Martin Hansen
Ixchel Mendoza Hernández
Chris Scherer
StageHeike Schuppelius
Stage AssistanceLena Loy
CompositionJohannes Malfatti
CostumeClaudia Hill
Costume AssistanceEryka Jura
Light DesignSandra Blatterer
Video TechKarolina Serafin
Video TitlesBenny Nemerofsky Ramsay
ProductionM.i.C.A. – Movement in Contemporary Art

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