Costumes & Scenography

Pharmacist or Balloonist

Performance at Ballhaus Ost, Berlin, 30 November – 3 December 2017, further performances at Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens

Pharmacist or Balloonist is a choreographic herbal laboratory that mixes dance, music and discussion with the live production of herbal remedies concocted by choreographer and pharmacist Elpida Orfanidou. In reference to movements of de-growth and ecology, the piece asks the questions: Can the poison of time be transformed into a medicine of timelessness? The poison of forced productivity into a medicine of deliberate creativity? To support this quest, Claudia Hill designs hand-dyed lab uniforms and a large movable tent structure for the set.

Concept & PerformanceElpida Orfanidou
PerformanceIxchel Mendoza Hernández
Louise Bernadette Mochia
Christina Themeli
Simone Truong
VocalsSaadet Türköz
Costume AssistanceKahori Furukawa
Juliette Quilici
LightMartin Beeretz
MusicTian Rotteveel
PropsInes Moreno
ProductionElena Polzer