Pharmacist or Balloonist

Costumes and scenography for performances by Elpida Orfanidou at Ballhaus Ost, Berlin and Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens (2017)

Pharmacist or Balloonist is a choreographic herbal laboratory that mixes dance, music and discussion with the live production of herbal remedies concocted by choreographer and pharmacist Elpida Orfanidou. In reference to movements of de-growth and ecology, the piece asks the questions: Can the poison of time be transformed into a medicine of timelessness? The poison of forced productivity into a medicine of deliberate creativity? To support this quest, Claudia Hill designs hand-dyed lab uniforms and a large movable tent structure for the set.

Concept & PerformanceElpida Orfanidou
PerformanceIxchel Mendoza Hernández
Louise Bernadette Mochia
Christina Themeli
Simone Truong
VocalsSaadet Türköz
CostumesClaudia Hill
Costume AssistanceKahori Furukawa
Juliette Quilici
LightMartin Beeretz
MusicTian Rotteveel
PropsInes Moreno
Claudia Hill
ProductionElena Polzer

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