Costumes & Scenography

Who’s Afraid of Raimunda

Performance at Kampnagel, Hamburg, 22 – 24 Oct 2020 and online film at HAU Hebbel am Ufer, January – July 2021

In Who’s Afraid of Raimunda, the choreographer Josep Caballero García advocates for the dissolution of normative categorizations and stigmatization in homogeneous societies. Raimunda is an allegorical figure for the history of invisible identities that are hidden by patriarchy or other power structures. New options are created from historical facts and traditional images, and roles are reconfigured. The artist Claudia Hill along with two composers, four dancers and a dozen orchestra musicians create a choreographic intervention that moves between archive and utopia.

ChoreographyJosep Caballero Garcia
PerformanceGöksu Kunak aka Gucci Chunk
Josep Caballero Garcia
Lea Martini
Enis Turan
MusicLüneburger Symphoniker
Composition & Musical DirectionThomas Dorsch
Composition & SoundAlexandre J. Maurer
LightingElliot Cennetoglu
DramaturgyAnne Kersting
Costume AssistanceEmilia Patrignani
Diane Esnault
Voice CoachingJule Flierl
Project ManagementBarbara Greiner
Video & EditChristopher Hewitt