Costumes for performances by Jule Flierl & Mars Dietz at Schauspiel Leipzig and Sophiensäle, Berlin (2019)

The documentary dance performance Wismut – A Nuclear Choir by Jule Flierl and Mars Dietz explores the history of East Germany’s former uranium mines and the impact of radiation on landscape, society and individuals. For the costume design, Claudia Hill uses elements of mining company logos and colorful team uniforms.

Co-AuthorsJule Flierl
Mars Dietz
ChoreographyJule Flierl
Installation & Sound ArtMars Dietz
Nuclear CoreZoë Knights
Zwoisy Mears-Clarke
Cathy Walsh
Nuclear ChoirGretchen Blegen
Pauline Brun
Mars Dietz
Jule Flierl
Zoë Knights
Zwoisy Mears-Clarke
Luise Meier
Nara Virgens
Cathy Walsh
StagePauline Brun
LightingGretchen Blegen
CostumesClaudia Hill
DramaturgyLuise Meier
ProductionAlexandra Wellensiek
Production AssistanceNara Virgens

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