Water Sports

Costumes for a performance by Karol Tyminski at Tanzfabrik, Uferstudios, Berlin (2020)

Water Sports is a multi-material dance performance by Karol Tyminski centered around the figure of the Gardener, a perverse allusion to the problematic human interventions in ecology. The garden becomes the playground for three performers to explore longing, sensuality and spatial relationships. The performers are dressed in latex constructions of muted hues designed by Claudia Hill.

Choreography & PerformanceKarol Tyminski
PerformanceClaire Vivianne Sobottke
Katarzyna Wolińska
MusicMarc Lohr
CostumeClaudia Hill
Costume AssistanceDiane Esnault
Emilia Patrignani
LightEmese Csornai
Bruno Pocheron
Dramaturgical AdviceMateusz Szymanówka

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